Rosin: a full spectrum cannabis concentrate obtained by applying low heat and high pressure to various forms of cannabis.  Specifically without the use of solvents or hydrocarbons.

Our minimally invasive process preserves the flavor, aroma and potency of the original material and everything it has to offer, rather than focusing on compounds such as THC alone.  Research is showing more and more that the unique combinations of compounds found in different strains of cannabis are what lead to the different effects experienced from each strain. This is called the entourage effect.

At PRC we don't add anything or take anything away (besides plant matter).  We use no chemicals, and our cannabis is never exposed to solvents or hydrocarbons.  

What is Rosin?

Concentrates vs Extracts

CONCENTRATES are made by mechanical separation with a heated rosin press.  Absolutely no solvents are used in the production of cannabis rosin.  The rosin process is excellent for retaining the terpenes (flavor and aroma) from the original material.  For example, trainwreck rosin will smell and taste like trainwreck.

EXTRACTS such as (BHO, PHO, CO2) are made by using a solvent like butane to dissolve the THC from ANY grade material.  The remainder of the process is primarily removing the solvents from the extract in order to leave a clean and usable product.  These processes use complex machines that require explosion proof chambers and some require multiple dilutions of the product. The downside of extraction processes are that the THC was dissolved in the solvent and now it must be removed.  Not only can extraction processes leave residual solvents in the end product, but much of the flavor and aroma (terpenes) can be lost in the vacuum of the purging process.