Rosin can be used in many ways.  On this page we will discus several different ways and devices with which you can consume rosin.

Vaporizers: Reloadable vaporizer pens are an inexpensive and easy way to cosume rosin.  Load one dose onto the coil, place the mouthpiece on, push the button and enjoy.  Be sure that the vape pen is advertised for use with wax.(not flower) Table top vaporizers can also be used.

Dab Rigs:  These are modified water pipes that come with a wide selection of oil adapters including electric nails.  The most common is the hot nail.  Remove the dome, heat the nail, replace the dome, and with dab tool drop a dose of concentrate onto the hot nail.

Nectar Collector:  These are long pipes that are heated at one end and then dipped into a tray of oil.  

On top of Flower: Rosin can also be placed on top of marijuana flower and smoked out of any type of pipe/bong/vaporizer.